For decades, most investors who were interested in trading precious metals were confronted with a range of compromises. Futures contracts, while holding the potential for great appreciation, were simply too complicated and Hard Assets Alliance dangerous for most, leaving trading in them to only the most sophisticated. On the other end of the scale, buying and holding bullion was seen as simple and fairly convenient, but it came with dangers of its own. Foremost among them, of course, was the fact of being stuck with the need to guard against the theft or loss of a store of precious metal.

Today, there are many better options. A variety of more mannerly derivatives make it easier to trade gold, silver, and platinum in the abstract, without being subjected to the vicious swings typical of conventional futures. A number of reputable Gold Storage companies, too, now do brisk business for customers, storing their precious metals holdings in highly secure vaults.

In fact, the latter option is now one of the most popular ways of all to invest in precious metals. Whether as a way of creating a Gold IRA to build up for retirement or a side project meant to provide more depth and resilience to a portfolio, buying bullion and making use of independent Gold Storage companies like BuyAndStoreGold is an increasingly common strategy.

There are many good reasons for this surge in popularity, too. For one, investing in gold in this way combines most of the advantages of traditional financial trading activities with the unmatched security of owning real, physical gold or another precious metal. At some of the best providers today, in fact, executing a trade of this kind looks a lot like investing in a stock or a bond at a conventional broker, greatly smoothing the way for the average investor.

Compared to keeping bullion locked away in a home or in a safe deposit box, too, the level of security against theft or loss is typically much higher. Companies that specialize in this service build real fortresses that are guarded around the clock, with a variety of redundant defenses further limiting access to the valuables within.

Investors who are interested in precious metals, then, have more options, and those of a more satisfying sort, than at any previous time in history. In fact, many expect that the proliferation of these services means that this will become the standard way for individual investors to create positions in particular precious metals in the future.